A few of the Virginia Proud Boys and Boogaloo’s have arrived in Richmond

— ““We’re here ‘cuz it seems like it’s gonna be a fun day” Virginia Proud Boys speaking outside the Capitol this morning”

— “Boogaloo Bois are out here today in downtown Richmond, armed across from the Virginia State Capitol”

— “Mike Dunn, who runs the ‘Last Sons of Liberty’ branches of Boogaloo, speaks about the banning of open carry at protests in Richmond”

— “A Boogaloo boy says they’ve got a gift (“a little statement”) for the governor that should be arriving soon. We haven’t been told what this is yet.

“It’s gonna make a nice statement,” he says, adding that they received this anonymously”

“After being asked if they will shoot cops to prevent an arrest:— “Every time my boys come to this stuff, they come with the understanding that they could be arrested and they come with the understanding that they refuse to be arrested. I hope that paints a picture for you.”