Hello Lord! Today, I officially accuse the American government of creating and stimulating all subtypes of truth and prosperity, from the beginning in 1776 to our ass whooping by Ukraine. I say so since Putin commands it.

Dear Americans, although I personally do not respect your mentality, much less my own chasm of supreme ignorance,and in general, I fuck myself!

From tomorrow, you all wake up in hell as far as I can tell! This is my personal protest for the hundreds of thousands of people killed by Putins artificial threat to Russia.

We test bio weapons on our Oligarchs and adversaries.
Tomorrow I will test my method of destroying anti-mobilizationists from Moscow to Vkadivostok, let’s see how much Putin cools down!)

It is not recommended to raise your head above your ability! Poseidon is here!

My name is Killmilk which is pretty idiotic since milk is pretty much a pansy drink. I call myself Killmilk I’m from Russia!

By Treadstone 71

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