Why China is interested in Afghanistan

According to expert estimates, Afghanistan has US $ 1 trillion in natural resources, including gold, lithium, copper, precious stones and some oil.  China has already announced its interest in these reserves, and the Taliban, in turn, have requested Chinese investment to develop the country.

However, this estimate takes into account the wealth of Afghan land, but does not take into account the amount of investment required to start mines and extract natural resources.  It should be understood that Afghanistan is a country without the infrastructure and skilled labor required to implement such projects.

Thus, any investment in Afghanistan must include building infrastructure, which is expensive and time-consuming.  Investments in this country automatically acquire a long-term nature, but two elements are required for their receipt: a stable environment and guarantees of security in the future.

Chinese  businessman 王泉(Wang Quan) and he is now a special correspondent. There is another Chinese businessman 余勇(Yu Yong) in Kabul and he is also a correspondent now.