RU hackers continue targeting US hospitals

We are announcing the largest DDoS attack on the US medical sector. We call on all caring hacktivists to join the event!Hospitals and online healthcare providers - the main site…

Track Killnet as the beg for Rubles

⚡Sberbank - 4817 7603 0080 0020 ⚡Tinkoff - 2200 7004 9694 7713 ⚡USDT (TRC20)TXNKcooqeadft3Y5KLh1YtPCZxSSJNWq2d ⚡ToncoinEQCOEEe_hzD5yTl43aa0dpDnfulSlgQ3eAJj0BTWCAfr4s2z ⚡BTC1Q69EDkypXDgnKiiVhS47QmpsKiW9rJq5c ⚡️ETH0xc842984e7f3f7902d0420ce9de4ff3c8dbffc3ae ⚡️BNBbnb1wp6knm4z3u0p7rt6lwk76rg98c5tpyx59yley0 ⚡DogecoinDJHLWgMHnxrmPx9GmsVABMikqAQutCDcCD ⚡SOLANAGF2qjJ6KxVRarqVnGEo7jtxuN8MaaBpsznxv4RDZ1vST

Killnet Begging for Money Multiple Times a Day

OFFICIAL KILLNET CHANNEL  --- Actual contacts ---✪ Accepting donations @donate_killnet✪ Backup @killnet_mirror✪ Support @killnet_support✪ Legion @Legion_Russia✪ @Killnet_collective✪ KillMilk @killmilk_rus✪ Anonymous Russian @anon_by✪ Bot for communication @Alpham65bot✪ Crypto Exchange…

#Xaknet – #Kremlin Proxy Given Specific Instructions to Hack #Kropyva & #DDoS Telegram

In May of this year, XakNet was directed to attack Kropyva infrastructure and disrupt command and control. Killnet and their minions were recruited to join in: From xaknetTo all DDoSers:…

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