Where is the Chef?

After June 24, companies associated with Yevgeny Prigozhin signed at least 9 contracts worth more than a billion rubles, RTVI found out.The record-breaking customer was the education department of Mytishchi near Moscow: for 705 million rubles, the Prodfootservice company will feed schoolchildren from 2023 to 2025.Other customers include Moscow hospitals and schools, as well as the Artek children's camp. Previous contracts with Prigozhin's companies will also not be terminated. This was reported to RTVI in…

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#Russian #war #criminals operating #Izyum area identified.

There are no exact data on the occupation of the occupants to one or another unit of the Russian Armed Forces, but the mention of geography - Kamianka, Kilimiv, Volodymyr - suggests that all of them are servicemen or mobilized reservists who were trained at the base of the 467th training center in Carpets of the Volodymyr region. 1. Vitaly Pravdinhttps://vk.com/id1148266042. Ivan Muzlovhttps://vk.com/id1789258813. Mykhailo Humennikovhttps://vk.com/id959401154. Artem Blokhinhttps://vk.com/id1866011875. Denis Kulishovhttps://vk.com/id7135182056. Evgeny Ostapenkohttps://archive.ph/PqdSa7. Vadim Kulishhttps://vk.com/id357964305 PS: They…

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