#Russian #war #criminals operating #Izyum area identified.

There are no exact data on the occupation of the occupants to one or another unit of the Russian Armed Forces, but the mention of geography - Kamianka, Kilimiv, Volodymyr - suggests that all of them are servicemen or mobilized reservists who were trained at the base of the 467th training center in Carpets of the Volodymyr region. 1. Vitaly Pravdinhttps://vk.com/id1148266042. Ivan Muzlovhttps://vk.com/id1789258813. Mykhailo Humennikovhttps://vk.com/id959401154. Artem Blokhinhttps://vk.com/id1866011875. Denis Kulishovhttps://vk.com/id7135182056. Evgeny Ostapenkohttps://archive.ph/PqdSa7. Vadim Kulishhttps://vk.com/id357964305 PS: They…

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