Overthrow Iran is in Sight

#TehranBasiji in the security battalion of Muhammad Rasoolullah. This mercenary attacked and harmed the protesters in the protests of 1998 and 1401 and then arrested them with the most violent methods. Location: Mallard, Raghib BlvdWork address: Mallard Road, near Army Bridge, MDF workshop Along:09197288439 Provide any information and specifications of this mercenary to Rasoyab. A warning to all mercenaries and oppressors in the Islamic Republic system, the overthrow of this system in its entirety is…

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Likely Shipment of Missiles Arrives in Moscow from Tehran

A heavy military transport aircraft Il-76TD arrived in Moscow from Tehran (the capital of Iran). Today, the Il-76TD (EP-PUS) transport aircraft of the Iranian airline Pouya Air, affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, arrived at Vnukovo Airport from Tehran. This is the 69th flight of Iranian cargo airlines to Russia since March 27, 2022. The exact number of arrived aircraft is still unknown. But the cargo is clearly military in nature.

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Soon to be acquired Fateh-110

#Military_Knowledge: Zolfaghar Ballistic Missile Iran's arms industry is preparing the first batch of Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar missiles, two well-known short-range Iranian ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets at a distance of 300 and 700 kilometers. Zolfaghar missile is an Iranian short-range solid fueled tactical ballistic missile with a detachable warhead. This missile is an upgraded type of Fateh-110 missile, which was produced by the Iran’s Aerospace Industries Organization (AIO), a subsidiary of Ministry of Defense…

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