Russian Military Moves #Bryansk #Klintsy

All movements of military equipment in the Bryansk region are most likely associated with the filling of a military field camp near N of the item.  Klintsy.  A satellite image taken on November 1, 2021 shows a slight accumulation of military vehicles, but by mid-December the picture will be completely different.

On the north-west of the city, the construction of possibly another military field camp has begun.  The village of Klintsy is located 46 km from the border with Ukraine.

Previously, there was congestion of equipment in the area of the city of Yelnya, Smolensk region, about 250 km from the border with Ukraine, and in a straight line.

From Klintsy in the Bryansk region to Kiev, the straight-line distance is 277 km, and for an invasion, if it thinks about it, Russia can choose any site where Ukrainian troops are not concentrated