December 3rd,  7:00PM – 10:00PM Dutch local time (GMT/UTC+1) 

Mass gatherings of people are still not allowed here in the Netherlands, so we had to go digital too. But you know how we roll: GO BIG OR GO HOME. We didn’t pack our bags. Instead, we reached out to all of our international friends and asked them to come speak. All of them? Yes all of them!

On this brilliant Thursday evening we’ll bring you an absolute bucketload of speakers internationally renowned for their expertise; each and everyone guaranteed to be an absolute delight to listen to. And we’ll do something special about the format too! Each speaker will have only 10 minutes to speak about their most passionate cyber-related topic of the moment. Did you miss one speaker? There will be another coming in a few minutes, and you can always rewind on what you may have missed. You won’t get bored during this event!

We are so proud to have on our virtual stage: