Zircon hypersonic missile

The Russian Ministry of Defense publishes footage of the next stage of testing the Zircon hypersonic missile, during which the frigate Admiral of the Fleet Gorshkov successfully fired a missile at a ground target at a distance of over 350 km.

The rocket’s flight speed was about Mach 7.

“Zircon” hypersonic anti-ship missile-Laser system “Peresvet”

Russia will conduct a series of exercises this year to test its “superweapons” based on new physical principles as part of combat scenarios. Seems likely we will see some used as part of the Zapad exercise. Weapons mentioned in the pic-RS-28 samrat Heavy ICBM– Avangrad hypersonic glyde vehicle-Burevestnik – strategic air-to-surface cruise missile-Hypersonic missile systemContinue reading ““Zircon” hypersonic anti-ship missile
-Laser system “Peresvet””


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