OpParis Week 3

It has been a week since our initial announcement of this operation and our first leak where we had collaborated with etersec and since then we as GhostSec has put in all our effort and focus into operation Paris, we had hit many of their machines those that had FTP, those that had a fucked up SMB, and those that had weak logins on their RDP or SSH, overall we had gathered and exfiltrated a lot of info and data from the targets we had hit and are now leaking what we had found which include but is not limited to

Documents from the European space agency, the national centre for space studies, to the national geographical institute about The Doppler Orbitography by Radiopositioning integrated sattelite, schematics for the sattelite and schemtaics for antennas and more

Information on nuclear development

Information on  the nationalle assembly
& lots more is included in this Leak

This is just the beginning of our upcoming leaks on paris and there is more to come