Saddam Hussein’s right-hand man dead

“One of the last surviving senior figures in the government of former Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein has died, according to an announcement by the Iraqi Baath Party.

Ezzat Ibrahim al-Douri, arguably the most high-profile Saddam Hussein-era officials to evade capture in the wake of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, had made infrequent public appearences in recent years. The exact circumstances of his death remain unknown.

In a statement released on Facebook, the now-banned Iraqi Arab Socialist Baath Party described Douri as “the knight of the Baath and the Iraqi national resistance” and said he had joined Hussein and other fallen Baathists in the afterlife.

“In the face of this momentous event, we are confident, fellow militant comrades, that you will follow the will of our late comrade who called us all, may God have mercy on him, to abide by principles, to be patient and calm, and to adhere to the principles of the Baath, its ethics, organisational traditions and values, to continue, perpetuate and enhance the momentum of our struggle for our people,” said the statement.”