“The Russian attack on Ukraine has not yet begun, but the intelligence services already have information about Putin’s actions in the aftermath of the great war and about the brutal puppet regime that the Kremlin wants to install in Ukraine. Intelligence learned about Russian post-war plans in Ukraine.

Stage 1 – Surrender of cities
The Russian army plans, after the destruction of the Ukrainian armed forces in the field, to surround and besiege the country’s major cities. Embedded intelligence cells and politicians loyal to Putin are activated in the settlements. They were instructed to establish a “pro-Russian government” in the cities, which would subsequently agree on surrender to the Russian occupiers. According to the submitted report, this practice will be applied in the key cities of the country until all the megacities of Ukraine “peacefully” come under Russian control.

Stage 2 – Convocation of the “People’s Rada”
After all the country’s major cities capitulate and fall under Russian control, Putin’s regime plans to set up a fictitious parliament, the so-called People’s Rada. It will have to abolish the real parliament, the Verkhovna Rada. A “reserve government” will emerge from the People’s Rada, which from then on will rule the country in complete dependence on Russia. Such an undertaking would be surrounded by massive Russian media propaganda efforts in Ukraine and the West. Pro-Russian “experts” and politicians would justify the Russian invasion and takeover of Ukraine, and a campaign of lies would justify the alleged causes of the war and subsequent “Russification“.

Stage 3 – State of Emergency
The new puppet government will have only one task: to break the millions of Ukrainians who resist Russian occupation. The secret report reads:

“The task of this body would be to declare a state of emergency and implement the Russian plan to create camps in which those Ukrainians who showed themselves to be dissenters would be weeded out.”

The report goes on to say that detention camps for pro-Ukrainian activists have already been planned and lists of those who will be sent there have been drawn up.
The rest of the population will be suppressed and terrorized by the massive use of Russian and newly created pro-Russian intelligence agencies until the resistance to the Russian occupiers is broken. An example to follow is the suppression of the democratic movement after the stolen elections in Belarus in 2020.

Goal: create a new “union state”
A pro-Russian “police state” in Ukraine, after its creation, would set the task of “creating the conditions for a nationwide referendum on joining Russia.” Thus, Putin’s goal will be to create a “union state” of modern Ukraine, Belarus and Russia with local puppet regimes on the Soviet model and centralized control from Moscow.

The attack could start in February. Intelligence calls “total invasion currently the most likely scenario.” According to the intelligence services, this will happen “as early as February, but no later than March.”

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By Treadstone 71

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