Crimea, Russia’s new military base

After Russia annexed Crimea, it turned the region into a military base. The changes that took place in the peninsula in 7 years were determined and served one by one by the Ukrainian National Space Facilities Control and Test Center.

In the village of Novoozernoye near Lake Donuzlay, only abandoned stables are featured in the images from 2018. In 2019 and 2020, a large military base was established in the region. It is thought that there are thousands of weapons and military vehicles inside the base.

This satellite image taken from near Sevastopol shows a military station that started to be built since 2016 and a dozen satellite receivers, each at least 5 meters in diameter.

Near Kerch there are at least 8 S-400 defense systems on the Tavrida highway. In the countryside of Evpatoria, the Russians set up a 30-meter-wide radar system. The old space center in the city is used as an army base.

Dzhankoy Airport has a large number of S-400 air defense systems and MI-28N helicopters, which are shown as the most modern of the Russian army known as “Night fighter”.

Russians spent millions of rubles at Belbek Airport near Sevastopol and the airport was expanded. Now, strategic bomber Tupolev Tu-160s and nuclear weapons capable aircraft can land on Belbek.

It is seen that the Russians have deployed more than 50 war and transport aircraft at the expanded Belbek Airport. The majority of the aircraft are SU-30 and SU-35s.

Satellite photographs taken from space show the Voronezh radar station at Cape Hersonesos. Dnepr radar station previously owned by Ukraine was located here.