Holy Defense Museum Display of US Gear – UAV

Sardar Haji Zadeh, IRGC Air Force Commander:We are among the top five countries in the world in the field of UAVs. Today, the world’s largest drone collection opens at the Museum of the Holy Defense and the Islamic Revolution. This museum is a museum for those who threaten the Iranian nation.
We are the top five countries in the world in the field of UAVs.
In addition, we have made some great progress in the field of radar, such as the downing of the MQC plane.

We have been standing for the past forty years, and if the enemy goes wrong, he will surely receive a crushing response.

The most recent US Army booty Invading drones captured or shot down by the Corps Air Force were displayed at the Vultures Hunting Exhibition in the Holy Defense Museum garden.

An Aerosonde-type American UAV that was never seen in the Army’s Aerospace Collective Drones collection for the first time was displayed.

June 3rd Missile Defense System in the Garden of the Holy Defense MuseumThe June 3rd Missile Defense System, which shot down an American MQ-4C UAV on July 30, was displayed in the Holy Defense Museum garden.

The mark on the body of the system features the American drone mark (Kill mark).

The Vultures Hunting Exhibition will be the first exhibit of trophy-laden drones from tomorrow, September 9 to October 5, from 8 am to 4 pm every day.

Fakour 2 is the first Iranian-made air-to-air missile to be displayed at today’s parade. Designed and built for aerial combat, the Fakour 2 has a range of 5 kilometers and a speed of up to five Machs with intelligent guidance. It uses solid fuel and is a reversed engineering of the legendary AIM-3 Phoenix rocket and has many similarities in appearance, though in various parts including radium (nose section), wingspan and section The missile propulsion output is different, and it probably uses a newer cooling system than the Phoenix missile.

The Dezful Ballistic Missile Launcher was launched to the public in Bandar Abbas parade.

Dezful is a 1,000km long-range ballistic missile launched for the first time in February of 97.

According to Sardar Hajizadeh, the commander of the Army Corps of Aerospace, the materials used in the siege of the missile have twice the destructive power of the Zulfiqar missile.

The Dezful missile is the latest and longest-running member of the conquered ballistic missile family, which is one of Iran’s most accurate missiles.

Fateh 110, Fateh 313, Fateh Mobin, Zulfiqar, Persian Gulf and Hormuz are other members of the missile family.

The Zulfiqar missile was used during the attacks by the IRGC on the terrorist headquarters in Syria.