The below is directly from Right Wing Radical Groups posting false videos and divisive posters. Their message of hate is clear. Their efforts at chaos is clear. Their intent to erode democracy is clear. The viscious intent of these white supremeicist groups is to cause race wars beyond what we see today. The narrative exposes hate at every turn and they use social media created in the US to sow the seeds for the destruction of our democracy. When you see it online, call it out for what it is and ask the owners of the platforms why they allow this hate to propagate across their apps. Their message has no place in America.

Anarcho-Zionists won’t stop at defacing statues of historic leaders who have stood up to the money changers, under the guise of lumping them in with slave traders and racists.

They will go all the way until they are burning copies of the Bible and Quran in the public square of their autonomous zones, or at least forcing all new editions to carry “warning labels”

By Treadstone 71

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