Soliciting for Intel against the MOIS and IRGC. Iranians asked to contribute – #Parastoo @ADjabehsiah. With a counter comment direct from the #IRGC

Regarding the insurgent actions of the IRGC against the black box channel, as well as the arrest of many innocent people, human rights activists, lawyers of political prisoners and environmental activists

We have secret documents, information and data on these institutions and other important information of their activities including video and … some of which we published this week.

If you release some of the political prisoners we are willing to discuss ceasing the publishing of the documents. You can negotiate through the below handle.

All of our compatriots, lawyers, defendants in the IRGC’s intelligence cases and IRGC personnel who are willing to help us disseminate the crimes of this corrupt and criminal organization can communicate with us through the following ID.



Meanwhile, the #IRGC has a different opinion

Sepah Pasdaran

Islamic Revolutionary Guards
Khamenei: The area of cyberspace is as important as the Islamic Revolution.

Depending on the political divergent channel of lies! (Black Box)

Gentlemen, they are sitting in #room_shop (where you cannot and do not have them – our documents i.e., admitting they exist). Some people are not opposed to the current situation because they care for the people and the country, but these gentlemen are looking for power for themselves.