Iran parastoo

Part 3 Lab_Dookhtegan

lab_dookhtegan front end release

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More screenshots from Lab Dookhtegan

Lab Dookhtegan June 19 MOIS

.Lab Dookhtegan June 19. Tools if the trade in a database listing methods, tools, techniques, and most likely code and attack targets #iran @Labdookhtegan1 @iran @sepah_pasdaran #MOIS #VAJA  

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Masoud Molavi CV – Assassinated Istanbul -Ordered through Iranian consulate – Video

Alias Black box, jebah_siah, lab dookhtegan green leakers, taptegan, parastoo, etc. UPDATE MARCH 29 2020 Masoud Molavi's assassination order issued by the Consulate of the Islamic Republic in Istanbul. Evidence…

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Provide Proof of Life for Bob Levinson

A senior security source confirmed that Robert Levinson (an American citizen and agent kidnapped by the CIA organization in Kish Island) is alive and kept in a secret detention facility…

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McAfee Institute next company to reward and support #Iranian hackers who target the US and our allies.


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Soliciting for Intel against the MOIS and IRGC. Iranians asked to contribute – #Parastoo @ADjabehsiah. With a counter comment direct from the #IRGC

give us information about the IRGC. Release prisoners and we will negotiate. parastoo

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