Dr. Idris Asdalahi, a member of the Intelligence Corps of the 57th Brigade of Abolfazl Khorramabad, who has a strong presence and a role in the intelligence when interrogating protesters and revolutionaries, etc.
In addition to the fact that he is in the IRGC intelligence, he works in the private hospital of Shafa in Khorram Abad and is on the night shift when the protesters go for treatment and so on.

His wife is Dr. Zahra Akhundzadeh
The address of the house of his father and himself, who is also the only son, is in Shirkhargah neighborhood of Khorram Abad, on the street of Hayat and inside the alley of Hayat Awal, where the non-profit school Andishe Awal Kuchshen is located, inside the alley of the fourth yard on the right side of the two-story white door.
Bishraf is a salesman and a member of the IRGC intelligence and an interrogator

Sunday, November 8, 1401

This is a #revolution_to_victory

By Treadstone 71

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