Russian programmers have created the first and so far the only security system in the world that works with the help of a neural network. According to the idea of the creators of the system, HD-cameras will stand on the border with Ukraine and, in a matter of seconds, calculate the drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and saboteurs.

According to the developers, Radar-IQ is not afraid of extreme and disgusting weather, works at a distance of 1200 meters, looks at all 360 degrees, is equipped with night vision, and a thermal imager. It can also be used as a regular camera on the ground or as an “eye” on a reconnaissance copter. It works like this: highlights a priority target, focuses, classifies the level of danger, and transmits information to the Monitoring Center

Искусственный интеллект на страже российских границ.

Российские программисты создали первую и пока единственную в мире охранную систему, которая работает с помощью нейросети. По задумке создателей системы HD-камеры будут стоять на границе с Украиной и за считаные секунды вычислять беспилотники ВСУ и диверсантов.

По словам разработчиков, Radar-IQ не боится экстремальной и отвратной погоды, работает на расстоянии 1200 метров, смотрит на все 360 градусов, оснащена ночным видением и тепловизором. Также может применяться как обычная камера на земле или “глаз” на коптере-разведчике. Работает так: выделяет приоритетную цель, наводит фокус, классифицирует уровень опасности и передаёт информацию в Центр мониторинга

«Radar-IQ» –
Area Protection Solution

Aimed to protect the territory of critical infrastructure facilities, special and secure facilities, as well as private property from ground and air threats.
Air and Ground threats are detected by active radar technology long before they cross the protected perimeter line.

This is a new security protection concept that even in fact do not require a physical fence – all threats are detected up to the virtual perimeter line.

How does «Radar-IQ» works?
Target detection

The Radar-IQ perimeter protection system is based on Pulse-Doppler radar-type motion detectors. Our radar not only detects multiple moving targets, but also collects information about it: its size, speed, direction of movement, as well as spatial position of the target.

Target processing

All detected targets are analyzed by CORE-IQ AI controller, which sorts targets, determining their class (drone / bird / man / machine / animal) and evaluate level of threat for a particular site. When the most priority target is sorted out, it should be confirmed optically and accordingly CORE-IQ controller aims the DV-EYE camera module to see the target.

The video analytics recognizes and confirms the shape of a detected target in the frame. Further, the video analytics is able to independently control the DV-EYE camera module, allowing you to track the target based only on the data from the camera. CORE-IQ Video analytics works permanently while the camera is moving and zooming.

The high level of security

The Radar-IQ system uses advanced radar technology to detect an intruder long before he crosses the border of the facility. Thus, the Radar-IQ system is designed to raise the level of facility security to a whole new level, helping to prevent incidents.
Air Threat Protection
Ground Threat Protection
Application area

The main function of the Radar-IQ system is the detection and trajectory control of the movement of UAVs and ground objects in protected areas.

Potential threats such as UAVs, humans, cars or boats are detected by active radar technology long before they cross the perimeter line.

«Radar-IQ» Advantages
Ready to use

Radar and Camera are coupled by the construction and factory calibrated, therefore the product is completely ready for use.

No “blind spots”
Full 360 ° view of both Radar and Camera (angle of view 360 ° in azimuth and >180° in elevation).
High protection efficiency
Balanced detection area, low false alarm rate, minimal impact of precipitation.

High quality of object detection
Solid state radar technology with high scanning frequency (35’000 p/s).

Open protocol
Ability to use the “Radar-IQ” system as part of third-party VMS or C&C SW solution.

High quality of the tracked object video
Specially developed camera control algorithms (based on radar data and neural network image processing) provide a smooth picture of the tracking object when the camera and zoom are constantly moving.

Scope of «Radar-IQ» modules:

  • 1. Module “Radar”: – A Pulse-Doppler Radar motion detector.
  • 2. Module “DV-EYE” – PTZ camera of original construction. A module that allows you to combine a Radar and a PTZ camera, each with 360-degree circular views, into a single device without “blind” zones and with a single calibrated polar coordinate system.
  • 3. Module “CORE-IQ” – Multispectral Controller with Artificial Intelligence. The module combines all solution components into a single system.
  • 4. «Radar-IQ Manager» – Software for the real time system monitoring Workstation.
  • It also provides all necessary instruments for system components set up and configuration.

System features
Built-in radar analytics

All radars of «Radar-IQ» have a built-in DSP processor, which processes all reflected echo signals and generates target data. Thus, radar transmits target trajectories data after the targets were evaluated.

High «scanning» rate
“Radar-IQ” uses solid-state technology, which allows not only to scan space with a frequency of up to 35’000 pulses per second, but also to update the track information of the detected target 4 times per second. This allows you to detect a new target in an average of 2 seconds and track the movement of up to 96 targets simultaneously.

Automatic adaptive threshold setting

All Radars have automatic sensitivity threshold adjustment, which adaptively adjusts to the current level of passive interference (Clutter). In this case, the automatic selection of the sensitivity threshold is created in each of the 24 visibility zones independently, depending on the level of passive interference in each of them.

Trajectory sensitivity of “Radar” track analytics

Depending on the operating conditions in the “Radar-IQ” system, you can choose one of 4 levels of trajectory sensitivity adjustment. The higher the sensitivity, the faster (based on smaller statistic sample), the target will be detected but with more probability to detect false target.
Impact of precipitation on detection capability

The C-Band frequency (5.8 GHz) and original algorithms of radar data processing allow to achieve reliable target detection in challenging weather conditions: rain, snow or fog.

Non-kinematic, solid-state design
The “Radar” sensor module has a kinematic free design. In other words, the “Radar” module has no moving or rotating parts, including passive cooling, which guarantees high reliability in 24/7 operation and more than 60,000 hours of uninterrupted operation.
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Radar-IQ is a product of “Diagnostika-M ‘TSNK’ company” – a leading Russian manufacturer engaged in development and production of X-ray systems as well as Ground and Airspace Radar security systems for almost three decades.

Radar-IQ opens a new chapter in perimeter control systems by using cutting-edge technologies. Modular combination concept of Radars, Video trackers and AI controllers makes it highly efficient both for large territory protection of state projects as well as for limited territory protection of private property. Multitasking neural network architectures change the concept of security protection with automation of a significant part of operations adopted by the security systems routine.

The modular Radar-IQ system is based on unique radar-type motion detectors based on the Pulse-Doppler principle, both in the air and on the ground. The constructive solution of the radar modules allows covering the area with a diameter of up to 1600 meters. Non-rotating Radar concept provides reliable detection in complex environments of even small and slow drones (UAVs) whose intensive development and wide civilian use led to a significant shift in the development of relevant security measures – towards the widespread introduction of radar technologies.

Radar-IQ system not only overcomes the traditional radar problems relevant to the use of some mechanical components, the incapability of real multi-tasking target tracking, but also it is able to predict the movement of suspicious objects thanks to innovative trajectory control technology.

The data from radar detectors are subject to rigorous analysis under the control of AI, which results in target classification, filtering, and prioritization. Based on ready-made analytics, a visual threat analysis system can be used, including night vision or thermal imager. Thus decide on subsequent tracking by connecting optical tracking algorithms. Our solid state, 360° all-around Radars provides the ultimate surveillance performance even in adverse environmental conditions like rain, fog or snow.

The multitasking of artificial intelligence adopted by radar-IQ reveals the entire category of the human factor for the operation of the security system. The operator’s functions are reduced only to control over the decision-making process by AI and to the maintenance of the entire system.

The innovative Radar-IQ technology will effectively covers a wide range of applications including but not limited to the territory of oil and gas, energy and construction industries, transport and telecommunications infrastructure, public places and crowded places, the territory of state institutions and private property, etc. Systems based on Radar-IQ technologies successfully cope with modern security challenges: threats of terrorism, espionage, smuggling, threats of covert surveillance, violations of the boundaries of private property and many others

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