OPSEC methods, online anonymity, persona creation, secure browser configuration with no verified leaks. OSINT and Darknet searching, Social media searches and collection, Personality identification using Myers-Briggs, the Big 5, the Dark Triad/Pitch Black Tetrad, the Psychological Techniques of the Seven Radicals, and the Nine Enneagram Type. Methods and TTPs of cyber HUMINT tactics, campaign development, management, and execution. // Adversary targeting with cyber D3A/F3EAD, PIRs, OSINT, Darknet. // Information warfare, counterintelligence deception methods, Russian/Chinese/Iranian Cyber Warfare models, and cyber psychological operations, Cognitive war campaigns. Intelligence-driven security teaming. If you are tired of paying for generic information or information of little intelligence value, this course is for you. We teach you how to find relevant information that is credible, sources that are valid, and methods of data provenance.

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By Treadstone 71

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