Iran has confirmed a ‘large-scale cyber attack’ on two government agencies. Image posted on Twitter and wrote that Bandar Abbas Customs told its customers that they could not download it due to system hacking. After publishing reports of cyber attacks on some government organizations and ministries in Iran, a Ministry of Communications official said that cyber attacks on two institutions was confirmed.

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According to Abolghasem Sadeghi, Deputy Security Director of the Information Technology Organization of Iran, these cyber attacks took place on Monday and Tuesday, October 12 and 13, “on a large scale.” Mr. Sadeghi told Iranian television that “these attacks did not damage the centers.

Of course, when an attack occurs, it cannot be said that nothing happened.” The deputy security director of the Information Technology Organization did not name the organizations that were attacked, but according to some media reports, the Ports and Maritime Organization and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development are the two organizations that have been targeted.

The center reported the “cyber attack on infrastructure.” The Deputy Minister of Security of the Information Technology Organization of Iran has also said that warnings about the possibility of a cyber attack had been announced earlier on September 17 and October 20. Last night, the Center for Skills (Computer Incident Management and Relief Management) temporarily suspended services in announcements of a cyber attack on two government agencies, but said, “Despite rumors circulating in cyberspace and some media, there is evidence of widespread attacks on various government agencies.” Has not been. ” The center announced the temporary suspension of some services of a number of government organizations following an attack warning. However, he called the move a “precaution” and said it was not necessary in the center’s view. None of the officials or institutions responsible has given an explanation about the details, responsibility and possible motives of the perpetrators of these attacks. In recent months, there have been numerous reports of escalating cyber threats between Iran and Israel, and in some cases attacks on the infrastructure of both sides.

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