Iran claims hit by major cyber attack

In their words

Cyber attack and confusion of Iranian admins!
Today, the Admin of government agencies was informed that a cyber attack has been carried out on several government agencies and it is necessary to immediately stop updating antivirus, firewalls and systems. Along with other recommendations without the slightest technical explanation!

This procedure (sending alerts and orders without providing any technical explanation) makes technical expert teams unable to use the existing capabilities to detect holes and attacks and solve them, and reduce the role of admins and security experts to excused executives. Find. Reducing the credibility of the country’s security experts is definitely not in anyone’s interest.

Formal centers such as Efta and Maher Center as important centers for receiving cyber incidents are expected to fully recount the problems and description of incidents (without mentioning the names of organizations to maintain confidentiality) to use the collective help of experts and the private sector for technical analysis of events . No one expects the experts of these centers to be able to analyze all the incidents in a short time, but announcing the technical details of the incident can become a collective effort to analyze and solve problems.


Following some recent news and rumors, it should be noted that

1. The occurrence of a major cyber attack was only related to two government agencies that the authorities are investigating and the Skilled Center is ready to provide possible assistance and relief.
2. According to some technical analyzes and estimates, precautionary warnings were issued to government officials and experts at the national level, which in no way implied an attack.
3. Some government agencies, based on their perception or analysis, after receiving the warnings, temporarily cut off some services and performed technical tests, which was done as a precaution. However, from the point of view of the skilled center, this action was not necessary.
4. Despite rumors circulating in cyberspace and some media outlets, there is no evidence of widespread attacks on various government agencies.

It should be noted that an important part of this activity and similar activities are done in close cooperation with APA centers across the country, which is commendable and very key for the skilled center. Therefore, despite some budget constraints that have been created for these valuable centers, the support and cooperation of the skilled center of the Ministry of Communications with APA centers continues and any termination of cooperation with the above centers is strongly denied. In the end, the skilled center welcomes any criticism and suggestions from experts to improve and enhance its performance