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در پی وعده ما در مبارزه علیه وزارت اطلاعات ما در اینجا از مشخصات شخصی دوازدهمین لکه ننگ این سازمان پرده بر میداریم. اطلاعات وسیعی برای افشاگری در اختیار داریم. دنبال کنید و به اشتراک بگذارید.

As we promised for our fight against the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence, we are exposing information about another shameful employee (number 12) of this ministry. We have a lot more to expose. Follow us and share.

علیرضا شهسواری – Alireza Shahsavari

MOIS/APT34/Oilrig Hacker


  • Project manager at Monenco Iran
    Former Structural Engineer at Herampey Consulting Engineers
    Worked at Shora Consulting Engineers
  • Studied at Imam Khomeini International University
  • Studied at Shahid Chamran University
  • Went to NODET Shahid Beheshti
  • Lives in Tehran, Iran
  • From Tehran, Iran


    • Studied at Imam Khomeini International University
      Past: Shahid Chamran University and NODET Shahid Beheshti
    • Lives in Tehran, Iran
      From Tehran, Iran

    Project manager at Monenco Iran
    Past: Herampey Consulting Engineers and Shora Consulting Engineers

Project Manager
Company NameMonenco Iran Consulting Engineers
Dates EmployedJul 2009 – Present
Employment Duration9 yrs 11 mos
Execute assigned work in accordance with the Project Execution Plan, applicable Project Procedures and Standards,
Liaise with the Project Coordinating Engineer regarding the interpretation of Client’s Specifications and Standards, and prepare Project Specifications and Standards for design, materials and construction.
Participate in design and design reviewing of power plant structures and foundations
Review Subcontractor’s and Supplier’s quotations, participate in clarification meetings, prepare technical quotation evaluation and recommend the final technically acceptable Subcontractor,
Hold co-ordination meetings with the Construction Department during the design phase and provide assistance to site when requested during the construction phase of a project.
Distribute Subcontractors documentation to the various Engineering and Drawing Office Groups and co ordinate their comments.
Prepare consolidated comments and return these to the Subcontractor.
Correspond with the Contractor on technical matters and ensure that action is taken where necessary.
Liaise with the Project Engineer regarding information required by the Design Engineers and Drawing Office.
Liaise with other Groups and Client as necessary such as Piping Mechanical Equipment, and with Project Groups in relation to civil design,
Design of power plant structures and foundations
Design Reviewing of all power plant structures and foundations to meet the design specifications and standards in order to give permission for construction
Coordination between site and office to clarify the for construction drawings
Prepare the scope of work of contractors for tender documents.