An explosive new report from Treadstone 71 Link Analysis of Various Iran Cyber Operators and Academics

  From indictments and the indicted to commercial organizations, academia, and cybersecurity conferences and organizations. The indicted Mojtaba Masoumpour maintained a company with current Iranian academics and cybersecurity professionals accepted…

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Lab_Dookhtegan Number 19

Lab Dookhtegan …

In their words: "We are exposing here more of vicious activities of Ministry Of Intelligence of Islamic Republic of iran that includes damn hacking of King of Fahad hospital National…

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Lab Dookhtegan Part .. whatever – کار های انجام شده در 3 ماه اول سال 97

Work done in the first 3 months of the year 97 Objectives: 1- Collecting information from the Kuwaiti Divan Organization Portals (mail.da-admin.gov.kw) 2- Receiving 1 terabyte of Bahraini Interior Ministry…

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More screenshots from Lab Dookhtegan

Lab Dookhtegan continues

We are exposing here an important cyber tool activity used by the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and its name is Karkoff tool for DNSpionage activity. Our evidence are exposing here…

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Lab Dookhtegan Read my Lips

MOIS OilRig APT34 hacker Alireza Shahsavari

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Rana Institute continues to spy on Iranian Citizens for the MOIS #Parastoo

#mimikatz #oilrig #muddywater #apt34 #iran #Parastoo#Reveal Disclosure of documents and activities of the non-commercial enterprise "Rana Smart Computing" from the Intelligence Detection Departments of the Ministry of Intelligence Iran Rana's…

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