Map of women’s political power in the world

The above map shows which countries have the most and the least political power of women? Based on the latest information from the United Nations and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), the map was prepared by the Council on Foreign Relations and examines the share of women with the highest and lowest positions in ministries and national government cabinets. European women are generally at the top of the world with the largest share of power, and the share of women in Iran and some other countries is as follows:

Ranked 1st in the world; Spanish women with 66.7%
Ranked 49th in the world; British women with 30.4%
Ranked 69th in the world; Egyptian women with 24.2%
Ranked 87th in the world; Kuwaiti women with 21.4%
Ranked 98th in the world; Malaysian women with 18.5%
Ranked 107th in the world; American women with 17.4%
Ranked 112th in the world; UAE women with 16.7%
Ranked 131st in the world; Spanish women with 12.9%
Ranked 134th in the world; Indian women with 12.5%
Ranked 138th in the world; Turkish women with 11.8%
Ranked 143rd in the world; Oman women with 11%
Ranked 164th in the world; Qatari women with 7.1%
Ranked 168th in the world; Chinese women with 6.6%
Ranked 169th in the world; Iranian women with 6.5%
Ranked 176th in the world; Iraqi women with 4.6%
Ranked 177th in the world; Bahraini women with 4.4%