Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Program – Align with the needs of leadership

Years ago, Treadstone 71 crafted a series of training classes at the Master’s level for students eager to learn about cyber intelligence. Since then, Treadstone 71 continued to hone the courses to current events and organizational needs.  Organizations need training in cyber intelligence. All too often we find a dire lack of understanding outside of collection. Most organizations have staff that are proficient at collecting data well. But the next steps in the cyber intelligence lifecycle is lacking. Our training solves that problem providing students with the tools necessary to organize, produce, analyze and deliver recommendations and opportunities to leadership.

We also found a desire of organizations to assist in the build out of their programs. On several occasions, Treadstone 71 provided oversight and guidance to companies looking to build their own capabilities. Most see significant dollars going to vendors who provide regular reports, but the reports are from a create once –  sell many paradigm. Treadstone 71 teaches you how to fish.

The Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Program includes:

  • Strategic Plan development, acceptance, and dissemination
    • Vision, mission, guiding principles, roles, responsibilities, goals & initiatives
  • Program Plan development, acceptance, dissemination, and implementation
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Priority Intelligence Requirement development
    • Passive Intelligence Collection
      • Collection and analysis methods and techniques
    • Organization, Production, Processing – Decomposition
    • Structured Analytic Techniques – Analytic Writing and Dissemination
  • Incident Response
    • Improve and provide feeds for automation
    • Improve detection and response
  • Intelligence Lifecycle Development
  • Threat Intelligence Program Development
      • Improve and provide feeds for automation and remediation
      • Security operations
      • Enhance and improve remediation actions
      • Centralize threat intelligence – Intelligence as a Service – Analysis as a Service
      • Drive improvements to risk management
        • Effective
        • Efficient
    • Improve workflow through well-defined roles and responsibilities
      • People, process and technology enhancements
    • Drive the quality improvements of your intelligence
      • Credibility and relevance
  • Adversaries
    • Who are they?
      • Motivation, intent, capabilities,
      • Dossiers – Baseball cards
  • Attack surface awareness
    • Situational awareness of your attack surface – digital footprint
      • Web – Social Media – Darknet
  • Virtual HUMINT Creation and Management
  • Internet Exposure Assessment – Attack Surface Analysis – Perception Management – Sentiment Analysis
    • Deep Web, Forums, Social Networking, Closed Sites, Darknet
    • Deception Detection and Credibility Analysis
    • Pattern, Trends and Tendency Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence Assessment and Program Analysis
  • Campaign Analysis with Recommendations and Opportunities
  • Darknet / Deep Web exploration

We also see analysis in organizations, security operations centers and CERTS being performed on a very simplistic level. That level is usually given to the most experienced and most technical person on the team. A method that leads to inherent cognitive bias, a lack of critical thinking and a focus on technology only. This leads to inaccurate information being provided to leadership or information that is very short term and tactical at best – not even actionable intelligence.

Since launching the Cyber Intelligence course, many have asked for the follow-on courses. These courses have been sitting in the wings waiting for organizations to reach the need. That need of moving from a purely defensive posture to a enterprise posture with the proper operational tempo, situational awareness, and targeting. In response to this, Treadstone 71 is now releasing the complete series of courses (Anonymity – Cyber Personas – Social Networking Intelligence – Cyber Intelligence – Cyber Counterintelligence – Cybercrime) wrapped with an opportunity to engage us for full program development.  Treadstone 71 works jointly with your staff to fully understand your priority intelligence requirements, educational needs, strategic and programmatic requirements, and staffing needs to create a program that fits you time frame and needs.  We teach you how to fish.


Most organizations have expend scores of thousands of dollars in security operations 2016-01-26_9-38-51centers, CERTs and other such organizations. This effort needs to be matured into a well-rounded organization moving from purely technical and tactical to a strategic arm providing daily actionable intelligence and methods to counter adversaries in early stages of planning and preparation.

Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Training

Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification (click on the image to the left)

Contact Treadstone 71 now to find out more about this evolutionary model. The program is sound, the training proven and now in its 5th year of use.  888.714.0074

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