Russian invasion in Ukraine on June 20, 2022 – Uncorroborated

▪️ZSU made another unsuccessful attempt to cross Seversky Donets near Izyum.

▪️In Severodonetsk fighting continues in the Azot plant’s industrial zone. LPR People’s Militia announces the surrender of separate ZSU units.

▪️Wagner’s PMC units entered Klynove: control over the village will allow to cut off the Svitlodars’k- Bakhmut road.

▪️Donetsk and nearby cities  face ZSU’s massive artillery strikes again.

▪️Russian Armed Forces launched missile strikes against the ZSU’s military port infrastructure in Ochakiv.

▪️ZSU attempted to hit the Russian Armed Forces garrison in the Snake Island: Russian air defense repelled the attack but the gas platform near the island was destroyed.

By Treadstone 71

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