Firoozabadi: The cyber attack on the gas station was stopped – 60000 fuel nozzles stopped

“…  this time it was time to destroy the country’s capabilities in the hostile media and, of course, cyberspace. Sina Ghorbani, a senior media expert, said that the disruption in the fuel card system caused the publication of different narrations in cyberspace. “People have to follow the news from official sources to accept or reject these narrations,” he said.

He added: “Some dissident media outlets, while covering the disruption of the intelligent fuel distribution system, are trying to achieve their goals by joining the media attachment to this event.”

“… recall the events of November 1998, creating rumors to dominate the narrative regarding the possible increase in the price of energy carriers, instilling despair in the community, creating inflammation and fear in the minds of the audience, physical sabotage of possible gatherings and control They stated that one of these goals is to capture the next behavior of users.”

“Although such a disruption is by no means defensible, the powerful destruction of the country in the media and cyberspace took place at a time when the occurrence of such cyber attacks has repeatedly plagued various countries, even the United States, Russia and China as world superpowers.”

What damage was done to the stakeholders?

Iranian authorities are more worried about rumors and misinformation they cannot control once it starts internally on their own self-contained Internet… Dezhfa security has no answer for this…T71

On the other hand, there are officials whose business profits are in distributing gasoline and receiving royalties from the government. According to Reza Nawaz, a spokesman for the country’s fuel station union, 60,000 fuel nozzles were stopped as a result of this incident, and its spread throughout the country is large and in crisis.

Seyed Abolhassan Firoozabadi,” Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, said: “The disruption in the systems of 4,300 gas stations in the country was due to a widespread cyber attack that has now been contained and we hope all fuel stations by tomorrow.” Return to normal.

According to IRNA, Firoozabadi added on Tuesday night in the special news talk show of the second channel of Sima: “As stated in the announcement of this center, a cyber attack has been reported to us and now cyberspace experts are investigating these attacks.”

The secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace reminded: these attacks were so widespread that all 4300 gas stations and fuel stations in the country were disrupted.

He said that the final opinion on this cyber attack will be announced in the next 7 or 10 days, adding: “It is possible that this attack, like the cyber attack on the railway systems of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was carried out abroad.”

The Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace pointed out: Organizations and institutions are responsible for cyber attacks on their systems and systems, and any troubleshooting in the systems is time consuming, and the systems must include passive defense in terms of vulnerability.

He said: “Fuel system is specific to our country and managers must be very sensitive to maintain the security of these systems and systems, and we hope that officials, especially in the field of banking, communications, fuel and transportation have paid serious attention to the security of relevant systems.”

The Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace of the country emphasized: although this cyber attack has been curbed now, but this issue has created many problems and we hope that all fuel stations will return to normal tomorrow.

“Masoud Rezaei,” the director of the intelligent system of the National Iranian Petroleum Products Distribution Company, said in the program: “The fuel system is constantly monitored and we are sure that there is a disruption in the country’s fuel system that may be caused by an attack.”

He said: “So far, we have witnessed these cyber attacks in fuel distribution systems 3 or 4 times, but because it was done at 2 or 3 in the morning until morning, we were able to fix the disruption, but this time the disruption in the fuel distribution system occurred at noon and this Caused problems.

The intelligent system manager of the National Iranian Petroleum Products Distribution Company, stating that 27 million active fuel cards are currently in the hands of the people, said: “We have not yet reached the source of this incident, but the cause of this disorder is under investigation.”

He emphasized: “Immediately with the occurrence of this disorder, the rehabilitation of fuel stations began with the implementation of the crisis management plan, and so far in many provinces 60% of stations and even in some provinces up to 90% of gas stations have been rehabilitated.”

The intelligent system manager of the National Iranian Petroleum Products Distribution Company emphasized: The gasoline inventory in the fuel card that is in the hands of the people has not been cleared at all and there is no problem in this regard.

The cyber attack on the refueling system at the gas station caused disruption and interruption in the refueling supply of the country’s gas stations, and with the efforts of virtual field experts, after learning about this cyber attack, a number of gas stations in the country resumed operations on Tuesday evening. The details of this cyber attack and its origin are also under investigation.

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