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The information below is taken directly from several established and a few impromptu Daesh social media sites, channels, and groups.

According to Syrian Kurdish sources; So far, 89 fugitive ISIS prisoners have been arrested near the prison. So far, five civilians have been killed in ISIS attacks. Forty ISIS members were also killed. ISIS has beheaded a civilian while fleeing. In this clash, 23 QSD and Asayesh forces were killed and 15 of them were wounded.

Today is epic day
Today we erase the placenta
Today we shed blood
Display complains dark,

To all of the monotheists, to all my supporters, and one of them is the people of goodness and blessing. God is in your brothers. Be for them a deterrent, a helper and a helper. Preoccupy their enemies as much as you can, and without you the atheists. They are cowards and humiliated. Attack them everywhere, shake the earth against them, be patient, and prove steadfast. God is with you.

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

SDF brings the collected forces and reinforcements from #Raqqa and #DeirEzzor to #Hasakah.

This will leave a vacuum and create confusion in the areas from which those reinforcements were withdrawn, in light of the inability of the SDF to control the situation in the first place.

Gisted: Demolition of the bracelet of Gherwan
In response to the command of God, and the call of the leaders in the state of Islam, to liberate Al-Ani; The soldiers of the Islamic State rose up; To implement what they covenanted with God, they proceeded, as others refrained, shrieked and grew arrogant, “God is great.” They launched the raid on “Ghweran” prison in the “Hasakah” governorate; To liberate our captives from the clutches of Nusayris and atheists, God has a dirham, and God will reward them. The battle continues, pray, pray, O supporters of monotheism, pray while you are certain of victory and the farmer that warms the hearts of a believing people.
Syria – Hasaka
Ghweran Prison

#new #Keep your agitation on #Design_Demolition_Fences

|Demolition of the walls of Ghweran| Jumada II 1443 AH Ansar_production

Impromptu Telegram Account:

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة
حياكم الله اخواني الكيرام

القناة احرار سجن غويران

God made the faces of the soldiers of the Caliphate 1 the caliphate the soldiers of guidance, the destroyers of the fortresses of hostility, the hope of the captive, and the reparation of the broken fracture

The first priority they have towards Muslims is to free their prisoners, break and defeat those who are hostile to them and who harm them, they do not sleep on oppression, and they do not recognize what people find difficult, so every difficult thing is facilitated by their trust in God, the Strong, the Mighty, then their great determination, and the sincerity of their determination. And here they are now writing an epic on a prison wall that they intended to destroy, and God grants them a certain good.

Islamic State
Media Disclaimer: About the percentage of some written or audio and visual materials of the Islamic State.
Sunday 1 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1439 AH
We emphasize that any material – whether written, audio or visual – may not be attributed to the Islamic State “may God honor it” unless it is published through the official publication platforms of the Central Media Diwan, and that materials published outside these platforms do not represent the Islamic State and its recommendations. Not to interact with it or publish it, and God bless and guide to the right path.

Gisted: Almorhafat Media Foundation
A major attack by Islamic State soldiers targeting Ghweran prison and liberating the prisoners from the grip of the apostates.
And to our brothers and sisters, the male and female prisoners – may God Almighty confirm them. The Commander of the Faithful – may God Almighty preserve him – He reminds you to be patient with the calamities that befall you, and not to give up your hearts and tongues from the remembrance of God the Great. Seek help in patience and prayer, and be sure that God Almighty will not break the hearts of the believers.
And know that your brothers, after their trust in God Almighty, have never forgotten you. They are doing everything in their power to rescue you and avenge you from your jailers and investigators.
Patience, patience, and constancy
And disbelief will be caught in the Fire
The immigrant Sheikh Abu Hamza Al-Qurashi – may God preserve him – the official speech of the Islamic State
Jumada Al-Akhirah 1443
Significant dramatic developments and unconfirmed information from Al-Hasakah that ISIS has taken control of most of the city’s neighborhoods.
A large number of Qasd militia members were captured, and a number of others fled and the heavy vehicles withdrew towards Qamishli, after the success of the process of liberating the prisoners from Al-Sina’a prison in the Ghweran neighborhood in Al-Hasakah and the organization’s seizure of a warehouse of weapons and equipment inside the prison.
Loudspeakers in mosques are calling on people to stay in their homes, and SDF members are calling for them to turn themselves in.
Al-Kazemi holds an emergency meeting at the headquarters of the Joint Operations Command to discuss the repercussions of the terrorist massacre against their members in Diyala.
Watch the video: International coalition warplanes completely destroy the Institute of Technical Observers after being targeted by an air raid a short time ago

Increase the number of your channels and publish it forcefully in a clear and public way in order to increase the burden on them in closing, which makes them get bored and feel frustrated. Annoy them by declaring your channels a supporter, even for a certain stage. Then go back to your tactics. The Ansar, O Allah, bring calamities and ailments upon him!

O men of truth, know that the whole world may be narrowed down to you as it was narrowed down to your brothers in Mosul years ago with the first conquest, but they persevered and were patient, so God sent down His mercy and Abu Omar grew up in his car, so his flames and sparks were pain and defeat for the enemy, and after this operation came empowerment, and you are today, men The truth is you will find the same mercy of God Almighty through you and you will see how it expands and we are believers in the verse (No, my Lord is with me who will guide) … Rejoice

He will respond, force you, and give you victory for sure in God

The so-called “Shivan” from the city of Qamishli, north of Hasakah, one of the intelligence cadres of the PKK militia, was killed as a result of targeting on the road to the Koniko field in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor, as a result of storming the militia headquarters in the area this evening
The PKK/PYD militia did not keep one of its militias except to bring it to the vicinity of Ghweran prison in Hasaka, and it has not succeeded until this moment, despite the support of the international coalition’s helicopters, warplanes, and the march and the so-called anti-terror forces, which consider the militia to be among the elites in order to arrest a number of ISIS members, whose number does not exceed 200 As for militia members, they entered by the thousands, but to no avail until now.
The road to the Konico field in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor is located in the intelligence headquarters of the “Qasd militia” in an underground prison, the state organization is storming it and releasing the prisoners, killing and wounding a large number of militias.
A security source for Amaq Agency: Islamic State fighters have launched a massive attack on Ghweran prison in Al-Hasakah governorate, with the aim of liberating the prisoners held inside, since yesterday evening, clashes are still going on in the vicinity of the prison and other neighborhoods.

Urgent | A terrorist attack east of Deir Ezzor.

Urgent | The terrorist attack targets the headquarters of the 12th Regiment of the Kurdish militias in the town of #Abu_Al-Natel. Urgent | The terrorist attack is still going on, and the terrorists are using RPGs and heavy machine guns.

🔻 Urgent
Levant Province
The good
By the grace of God Almighty, the soldiers of the Caliphate targeted a headquarters of the apostate PKK in the town of (Al-Kibar), with automatic weapons, which led to a fire in it and the explosion of ammunition inside, and the mujahideen returned to their positions safely, praise be to God.

🔻 Urgent
Levant Province
The good
By the grace of God Almighty, the soldiers of the Caliphate attacked 3 headquarters of the apostate PKK in the town of (Theban) and its surroundings, with light and medium weapons, which led to material damage there, and praise be to God.

🔻 West African state
By the grace of God Almighty, the soldiers of the Caliphate attacked the Christian town of (Bemi) in the (Brno) region yesterday, killing a Christian, burning two churches and a number of their homes, seizing a vehicle, and returning to their positions safely, praise be to God.

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