Technical specifications of Zul-Jannah combined satellite

Serir can carry one ton of cargo up to 1000 km orbit and put it in orbit.
Soroush 1 can carry 8 tons of cargo to GEO orbit and finally Soroush 2 can carry a cargo of 15 tons to GEO orbit or a 2.5 ton cargo to 36,000 km orbit.

Roadmap for the development of #Iran satellites

What the Iranian government calls the satellite missile test is a key component of the country’s ballistic and intercontinental ballistic missile development, which is being pursued in parallel with Iran’s nuclear program to build nuclear warheads.

This satellite has three stages in terms of technical features that can compete with the satellites of the world today.

This satellite has two solid propulsion phases and one liquid propulsion phase.

The ability to carry a satellite up to a weight of 220 kg in a 500 km orbit is one of the features of this advanced satellite.

One of the most important achievements of this space experiment is the achievement of the most powerful solid fuel engine in the country and the successful testing of other new technologies used in this scientific product.

‌This satellite will be ready to put operational satellites in orbit after research tests and technology stabilization.

Reducing costs and increasing the speed of achieving goals have been among the features of this project.

With this important step and considering the ability to launch from a moving platform, it is possible to place the satellite in orbits called “Sun Song”.

This possibility brings special capabilities to the sensing satellite.

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