Two targets were hit in last night’s Israeli attack on Damascus airport.

An empty silo reached by only one rocket and not completely destroyed. This indicates the interception of part of the missiles fired at this shed, which was also evident in the videos broadcast from the sky of Damascus.One of the largest military weapons depots and depots of the Quds Force #IRGC in Al-Kusouh #Syria was destroyed by the attacks of #Israeli #IAF army fighters.Four Iranian experts for the air defense system arrived at Damascus airport yesterday
They were killed tonight along with a Syrian translator.Today, a shipment of weapons arrived at Damascus airport by the Islamic Republic of Iran and was completely destroyed shortly afterwards. The commanders of the Islamic Republic are still under rubble and their identities have not yet been confirmed.Syrian sources say at least six Islamic Republic guards have been killed and wounded at a secret base of the Quds Force at Damascus airport.

And another building in the same area of Damascus Airport that has been completely destroyed.

In the recent #Israeli attacks on Syria, a #Iranian #Quds commander was also killed in an attack on the IRGC and Hezbollah joint operations room. Several Israeli missiles hit the area south and southwest of the capital. Damascus was hit without the Syrian regime’s air defenses being able to destroy the missiles.

Other attacks on Deraa and Quneitra in southern Syria have resulted in injuries.Attack on an operation room and killing of an Iranian commander:There are also reports of the killing of an Iranian military commander who is most likely a member of the #Revolution Guards in

According to some sources: “The Israeli attack targeted an operations room of the Iranian military and #Hizb_Allah_military in Syria.”

Syrian army statement about the attack of the Zionist regime fightersAt 21:48 Syrian time, the Zionist enemy fighters flew over the Golan Heights, firing several missiles south of Damascus in several stages, which were intercepted by the timely response of the army air defense system, and most of them were destroyed. The enemy attack left only material losses.

Right now. 2 are confirmed, Damascus Airport and a Pantsir AD site (7 SAA soldiers injured there last night). American Conflict Observer:
— “Hezbollah’s Central Media outlet has confirmed the death of Ali Kamel Mohsen a Hezbollah fighter in last night’s reported Israeli airstrikes in Damascus.”

According to Hezbollah, only one of their forces, Ali Kamel Mohsen Javad, was martyred.

# شهید # محسن_جمالی

Born in 1975, he was from Kazerun city, Koohmareh Nodan, Mordak village.
He finally achieved great grace in his fourth deployment on November 25, 1996 in Deir ez-Zor province, Al-Mayadin, Bokmal city.Martyr Mohsen Jamali three years ago, in the middle of 1994, decided to be sent to Syria, and was sent to Syria through the Imam Sajjad (AS) Commando Brigade after undergoing the necessary tactical combat training, and his bravery and guidance in liberating the cities of Nablus. And Al-Zahra was really exemplary and had a special courage in urban warfare operations. He returned to Iran almost 80 days after being on the battlefield against the Takfiris of ISIL and the Nusra Front, and when he was on leave he was constantly impatient, like the Imam Sajjad Ranger Brigade. He was not sent, and he was impatient to leave. After following up and trying hard, he went to Imam Hussein, the 19th Fajr Division in Shiraz, and when he went to Syria, although many fighters returned after 45 days, he was three months old. He even stayed for four months in his last dispatch, and interestingly, he knew in his last dispatch that he would be martyred.

فوری/ حزب‌الله شهادت دو نیروی دیگر خود را اعلام نمود. این دو نیروی حزب‌الله سوری بوده‌اند و بنابر گفته منابع نزدیک به حزب الله در حمله موشکی شب گذشته اسرائیل به شهادت رسیده اند