Political-Executive Board of the Solidarity of the Republicans of Iran

Pressure on the Islamic Republic to end the refusal to negotiate with the United States is an urgent need of the country

Political-Executive Board of the Solidarity of the Republicans of Iran


Numerous sources reported an explosion at the Natanz nuclear site; The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station. Meanwhile, the New York Times quoted a senior Israeli intelligence official as saying that the operation was the work of the government.

The explosion of part of the Natanz nuclear facility, which was dedicated to assembling and preparing centrifuges, is a continuation of the US government’s policy of confronting the Islamic Republic and its regional allies with the Islamic Republic, which culminated in the US withdrawal from the UN Security Council. Since then, most conscientious objectors have repeatedly warned that Trump’s policy of maximum pressure on the one hand and the Islamic Republic’s refusal to sit at the negotiating table with the United States on the other will increase tensions, even to the point of a full-scale war.

Today we are at a critical juncture in the history of tensions between the Islamic Republic and the United States that, after months of drone strikes and proxy wars, the assassination of military and paramilitary forces on both sides in the Middle East and tensions in the Persian Gulf, are destabilizing Iran’s facilities. it is arrived.

In addition to the explosion at the Natanz nuclear site, at least in another case, the hacking of Rajaee’s electronic control system in Bandar Abbas, the Islamic Republic has officially acknowledged Israel’s involvement in the operation.

A few days before the explosion at the Natanz nuclear site, an explosion at the Parchin military facility sounded the first alarm to turn the political tension between the Islamic Republic and the United States into a military conflict within our country.

The explosion at the Ahwaz power plant, as well as the explosion at the Sepahan Borsh factory around Tehran, which reportedly left two people dead, are also noteworthy in this context.

Some analysts have even speculated in their speculation that dozens of fires in parks and forests across the country have been linked to the Islamic Republic’s conflict with the United States and Israel. The escalation of the conflict between the two sides into the territory of our country could lead to the recurrence of tragedies such as the targeting of a Ukrainian passenger plane, which resulted in the painful death of 16 civilian passengers by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

The operation, which was intended to avenge the assassination of Qassem Soleimani, the former commander of the Quds Force, but also claimed the lives of dozens of compatriots, was a direct victim of the Islamic Republic’s rebellion against the structure of international order and miscalculations.

Aside from military tensions between the two sides, the destruction of the country’s economic base under the pressure of back-breaking sanctions has made millions of Iranians the indirect victims of the Islamic Republic’s stubbornness in not changing its ambitious nuclear and regional policies.

The Solidarity of the Republicans of Iran, as one of the political organizations opposing the Islamic Republic, which from the beginning expressed its strong opposition to Donald Trump’s policy of maximum pressure, at this critical juncture in history, expressed grave concern over the escalation of tensions and the possibility of escalating proxy wars. Announces direct military confrontation.

We express our deep concern over the ongoing sabotage of nuclear facilities in the country and the possibility of human catastrophes following widespread nuclear pollution. The security of nuclear power plants under the shadow of the Islamic Republic’s ambitious and covert policies is highly questionable.

We believe that while the US government’s sanctions have created major problems for the Iranian people and the country’s development infrastructure, it is the Islamic Republic’s duty to abandon its nuclear-seeking policies and prevent the threat of full-scale war from escalating. And keep the destruction and instability in the economic space away from the people and our country. The destructive policies of the Islamic Republic and the development of the Shiite-centered Islamic fundamentalist discourse have played a key role in creating this problem.

Therefore, we strongly urge the Islamic Republic to abandon its irrational nuclear policy, to prepare the ground for a comprehensive agreement with the US government by de-escalating tensions, so that sanctions are lifted and the country is removed from the current state of armed peace. Get out; The continuing crisis in foreign policy increases the risk of lasting negative consequences for the country.

The Solidarity of the Republicans of Iran also called on all political forces opposed to the Islamic Republic to take part in the campaign to put pressure on the government to immediately defuse tensions and hasten preparations for the start of talks following the announcement of the US presidential election.

Political-Executive Board of the Solidarity of the Republicans of Iran – July 10, 2020