An explosion on the outskirts of Karaj


Hassan Mojtaba’s barracks in Garmadreh, Karaj, was burning until 13:00 on Friday.

Despite the denial of most governmen and local officials that there was no explosion or accident in Garmadreh, the first film of Imam Hassan’s barracks Sappa Noogh Safeh burning and smoke emitted by the dam, this film is for 13 o’clock on Friday, July 11th.
Officials of Shahr-e-Quds in Tehran province on Friday denied the occurrence of Western explosion of Tehran and announced the power outage in the city of Quds as a result of the “maneuver” of the city’s electricity department.
Their remarks come after a number of social media users on Thursday night reported the sound of an explosion and power outage in the west of Tehran Province.
Meanwhile, the website of the Voice of Iran, which is close to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that the cause of the explosion was an accident in a gas cylinder workshop, quoting the mayor of Garmadreh, which was also reported by BBC Farsi and removed an hour later. .
The BBC writes: Voice of Iran operators did not respond to a Persian call for comment. But the #Islamshahr Voice website, quoting the #Islamic_Governor, confirmed the #defense_activity of #Army_Amir_Tip #Art_of_Air_of_Artesh in #AhmadabadMostofi, calling it a “defense readiness maneuver” that states: “It is done every few months and is not a special issue.”
However, local sources and citizen reporters reported on the continuation of the state of emergency in #Garmadreh and around the Imam Husan Mojtaba, which included a ban on transit.
What is clear in this film is that black smoke is emitted from the barracks, and the sender stated that the smoke continued until around 4:00 PM.
In this regard, IRNA correspondent told Meysam Jafarzadeh, Director General of the Office of Management and Passive Defense

An explosion on the outskirts of #Karaj, and the next four explosions in the west of Tehran in the #Shahriyar region.

Terrible explosions in the west of Tehran in the missile depots of the Revolutionary Guards
On the evening of Thursday, July 10, the sound of an explosion was heard in the west of Tehran province and the areas of Garmadreh and the city of Quds.

Part of the Revolutionary Guards’ weapons depots are located west of Tehran on the Karaj route.
The center of this deputy is located in Imam Ali barracks located at 20 km of Tehran-Karaj highway.

Following these explosions, #defenders in the #Mehrabad_Region and #Ahmad_Abad_Mostofi #Imam_Ali_Paris #Artesh_Air_Fight have opened fire for a few minutes and have been firing continuously.
Now the highway to Karaj is closed. Internet speeds have plummeted and electricity has been cut off.
We have not yet received a confirmed photo or image of the Karaj suburbs.
But several Western news agencies, as well as the Arab TV channels #Qana_Al-Hara and #Qana_Al-Hadith, as well as Specter Andax, reported that a missile depot and two strategic military sites in western Tehran were targeted. .
Mehr News Agency and the Jamaran website also quoted social media users as saying that the blast took place in the #Garmdere and #Shahr-e-Quds areas.
Preliminary reports indicate an explosion in western Tehran and the Bidganeh area. Electricity has been cut off in some areas west of Tehran.