When You Breathe A Negative Breath in Iran – Sentence is Death

Ruhollah Zam was sentenced to death and imprisonment. Illegally kidnapped for speaking his mind unlike many of the expat Iranians in the US, EU, and Sweden, he stood up. Where are you now?

“Ruhollah Zam has been sentenced to an inhumane death sentence in an unfair trial after being abducted and illegally detained. We want the judicial authorities to immediately overturn this ruling. In a country that has repeatedly been condemned by the United Nations for the death penalty. “This trial and sentence must be condemned with a clear voice.”

Judiciary spokesman on the latest status of Ruhollah Zam’s case:

The court has issued its verdict; Thirteen of the minor charges against Zam are considered to be examples of corruption on earth, and he has been sentenced to death, and the rest have been sentenced to imprisonment.

Of course, this ruling is uncertain and can be appealed to the Supreme Court, and the final decision of the Supreme Court will determine the final fate of this ruling.