Russian assessment of routes for the supply of narcotic substances from Afghanistan

Drug trafficking in AfghanistanPart 1 - Causes of High Poppy Cultivation A month ago, we talked about the increase in the level of drug smuggling from Afghanistan to European countries under the Taliban regime. Despite all the Taliban's statements about the fight against poppy cultivation, they are very cunning. The cultivation of poppy and its derivatives in Afghanistan has been, is and will always be due to the fact that other crops such as wheat…

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Feb 15 – Day of Remembrance of Soldiers-Internationalists (Russian Defeat Day)

RUSSIA DEFEAT IN AFGHANISTAN DAY February 7–23, 2014 Sochi Doping Days February 15 - Day of Remembrance of Soldiers-InternationalistsOn this day in 1989, the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan was completed. 1989 ON FEBRUARY 15, 1989, AT 10:30 AM THE COMMANDER OF THE 40th ARMY, LIEUTENANT GENERAL BORIS GROMOV, WAS THE LAST FROM THE LIMITED CONTINGENT OF SOVIET TROOPS CROSSED THE Khairaton Bridge Over the Amudarya River, which Divided the USSR and Afghanistan The…

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