Source: FSB is preparing a terrorist attack in a large Russian city with hundreds of victims

Thus, the Putin regime will try to justify the introduction of general mobilization

A source close to the Russian law enforcement agencies told Utra February that the Federal Security Service is preparing an explosion at a chemical or oil refinery near Moscow or another large Russian city in such a way that the wind carries toxic substances to residential areas. As a result, hundreds, and possibly thousands of people should die. It is planned to blame Ukrainian saboteurs for this.

More than twenty enterprises are considered as an object for sabotage, but the Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers chemical plant and the Moscow oil refinery in Kapotnya are the priority ones. Explosions at these enterprises, which are located in residential areas, can lead to numerous casualties. In addition, both of these objects are located southeast of the center of the Russian capital, and with a southeast wind, a poisonous cloud can cover the entire city.

Explosions are also possible in public places, in particular, in the subway. It is reported that various options are in the works, and Muscovites will not necessarily be the victims of the planned terrorist attack.

After the failure of the blitzkrieg in Ukraine, Moscow faced the problem of an acute shortage of personnel to compensate for the losses incurred. At the same time, the leadership of the state has repeatedly stated that mobilization will not be introduced. In order to play back on this issue, we need a very weighty pretext: the death of thousands of civilians, which can be blamed on Ukraine. Similarly, the FSB bombed Russian homes in 1999 to trigger the Second Chechen War.

If you live in a large Russian city or near potentially dangerous objects, and you have the opportunity to leave from there, for example, to a village, we strongly recommend that you do just that. We also do not recommend using the metro during rush hours and not visiting crowded places. Remember, Putin and his entourage will do anything to stay in power!

By Treadstone 71

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