Snipex Alligator sniper rifle with silencers

Snipex Alligator sniper rifle with silencers, Ukrainian production, chambered for 14.5×114 mm, weight 25 kg, bullet initial velocity - 980 m/s Penetrates 10 mm armor plates at a distance of 1.5 km.The maximum range is 7 km. Snipex ALLIGATOR chambered for 14.5×114 mm weighs 25 kg, the length of the assembled rifle is 2000 mm, the length of the barrel is 1200 mm, the initial speed of the bullet is 980 m/s, the effective range…

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Ukrainian media reported the arrest of the famous sniper “Bagira”

Bagira, originally known as Danila Lazovic of Serbia, is a foreign volunteer who joined the Russians in the wake of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and has so far recorded 40 large-scale shootings by the Ukrainian military and, according to Ukrainians, civilians. Due to the aura of mystery, but also the deadly sniper for which she became famous, Bagira acquired an almost mythical status among our fighters. However, while the life story of this 32-year-old…

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