Learn from Hong Kong

The woman tells the police, “What are you defending? Cruelty?”

Khamenei called the protesters a monster and called for their suppression.

Students join the uprising of the Iranian people; Tabriz university students also joined the uprising.

People have said they will not leave the battlefield this time. No power can stand against united people.

In its latest report, NetBox, the world’s # internet watchdog, writes that the Islamic Republic has almost completely shut down Iran’s Internet after just nine hours. It says the regime’s actions are a serious violation of Iranian rights and freedoms.

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۲۶ آبان ۹۸

مسیرهای شهر کنگان و سیراف و جم و عسلویه و مسیرهای فاز ۱۲ و ۱۴ و ۱۹ پارس جنوبی توسط مردم بسته شدند .

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