Corona’s spread among the IRGC and the Basij makes them incapable of inciting discontent.

“Iran’s military is unlikely to be able to fight the Coronavirus because of the possible consequences of the Corona outbreak between the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Basij and their families,” National Interest reported.

Corona’s spread among the IRGC and the Basij makes them incapacitated and dissatisfied, as the virus could cause the IRGC’s forces to be unprepared for military missions.

Also, in Iran, there has always been dissatisfaction among veterans with medical services. The government has left most of the veterans of the Iran-Iraq war alone, and the troops now tasked with confronting Corona will face problems that will bother them in the long run and fuel their anger against the government.

The senior IRGC commanders are millionaires and have luxurious lives, but many IRGC personnel live and die in apartments in the west of Tehran or around the slums south of the city, the news agency added.As a result of the Syrian war, the IRGC and the Basij faced a shortage of manpower, and IRGC commanders were forced to rely heavily on Hezbollah, Iraqi, Afghan, and Pakistani paramilitary forces.Russia’s stigma in Iranian society will always be greater than in China, but the Tehran regime will no longer be able to embrace China without incurring costs.

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