More Proxies for Iranians – Kalame Satellite Network for access out


Dear compatriots inside the country, Because of the Internet outage in the country, you can access news, information and statements about the nationwide protests through the two popular word and freedom networks.

ایران Momentum Coverage of Iran’s Protests From “Kalame” Satellite Network

World Wide Web Frequency:
11317, Vertical, 3/4, 27500

11958, Vertical, 27500
News Follow the instant protests in the immediate subtitle of Freedom TV.

• Frequency:

Hotbird: 11471 V 27500 6/5
Nilesat: 12604 V 27500 8/7
Eutelsat: 10721 H 22000 4/3
Yahsat: 12594 V 27500 2/3

Popular and militant media will be with you

These #proxies seem to work, but we don’t know where their servers are located. That is, if anyone uses these proxies, they know that their server may be unsafe for political work in Iran but can be used for temporary surfing the telegram.

When using VPN and proxies you should know where their server or computer is and who is monitoring your movements. Servers inside Iran are all insecure and foreign servers may be less so but outside of Iran there may also be servers belonging to the IRGC.

When you use proxy and VPN addresses that are published on the Internet, what to know in which country the origin of these servers is located?

Of course checking all proxies is not an easy task but some can be checked. For example, in the proxy under IP server is to place it on the ip-tracker site, you will find that the server is in Tehran and is owned by Noavarane Green Network Company Mehregan






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