Cyber and Threat Intelligence Program Build Service | Treadstone 71

The Cyber and Threat Intelligence Program Build Service covers strategic planning, operational implementation, and tactical alignment to existing intelligence and information security functions in your organization. Treadstone 71 follows traditional intelligence tradecraft and lifecycle activities applying knowledge gained over years of supporting cyber and threat intelligence organizations. We aid and drive the building of strategic intelligence strategic programs, create policies, build procedures, establish practical and pragmatic implementation plans. Integrated with our training and strategic planning.

Laying the groundwork for an accepted and understood program needs leadership approvals and buy-in. Our program ensures these activities are successful. The diagram below provides some of the areas of coverage in our program. Many clients codify the program with the Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification training customized for the build and used to not only educate but integrate functions across information security.

We also incorporate our Cyberintellipedia Product ensuring rapid implementation while using years of effective content from our knowledgebase wiki.