Journalists Regrets – Burials – Armed Basiji in the Streets

Journalists expressed regret over the media’s handling of the news coverage of the Ukrainian plane crash and the publication of “false” news calling for an end to this false news stream by the government.


The statement from a group of Iranian journalists states that “we too are tired of lies”: “We are also tired of hearing all the lies from the official media.”

They further regret that the entire news stream “all newspapers, in harmony with” National Media “, without investigating facts, repeated a great lie and disclosed nothing while bringing great shame upon themselves.”

“We, along with the families of the victims of the accident, demand the serious trial of all the perpetrators and agents of the fatal crash,” the journalists said in their statement.



Basiji Block Streets in Tehran

Removing the flag from the coffin of one of the government devotees by the angry people

Armed Basiji