STORMOUS exploits OSCP to hack companies

Hacking a large Zionist company and encrypting workers data + expenses by STORMOUS RANSOM:

You can write a message to the Zionists by entering a hacked link that will show you a special txt file between us. Do not forget to write a message to them.

إختراق أحد ملفات شركة صهيونية + تشفير بيانات سرقة رسومات خوطاطات من طرف STORMOUS RANSOM :

STORMOUS exploits OSCP to hack companies and send hacked games site hacked + Today, workers’ data will be published on the site:

اختراق مركز صهيوني كبير واستغلال احد OSCP بتشفير ملفات من طرف STOURMOUS RANSOM :


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