RPX Hackers – Data Vairos Team Claims to have hacked Veritas .il

On behalf of the organization DATA VAIROS TEAM Palestine is our first cause.

In my name RPX_HACKERS:

In the name of Palestine, all Islamic factions, and the honorable people of Palestine We know the Arab and Islamic world that with God Almighty’s help and grace we were able to hack the Israeli website https://www.veritas.co.il/

We were able to expose their information and leak it to all concerned and it will continue.

Our final blows to hack sites bearing Israeli slogans or Israeli flags. Today, the Israeli https://www.veritas.co.il/ site has been exposed. Tomorrow, all your secrets, Zionists, will be exposed to the Arab and foreign world. We are the owners of the Palestinian cause and we will not tire. Our occupied lands in 1948, and we will return the borders of Palestine from its river to its river, and we will not give up a grain of sand from Palestine. Regards: RPX_HACKERS