Israeli cyber mercenaries “Team Jorge” interfere in elections

Israeli cyber mercenaries "Team Jorge" interfere in elections around the world, gaining access to the accounts of high-ranking officials, but refuse to campaign "against Mr. Putin"OCCRP publishes a joint investigation by a team of journalists from several publications who posed as potential clients and contacted an Israeli group of online influencers who call themselves Team Jorge.Israeli cyber mercenaries are able to hack into Telegram and Gmail accounts and send messages on behalf of the victim.…

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PMC Wagner Prigozhin “Person of the Year”

The Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime (OCCRP) announced the leader of the PMC Wagner Prigozhin "Person of the Year" in the nomination "Organized Crime and Corruption" "Prigozhin this year has become a living symbol of Russia's worst phenomena. Dirty money, primitive violence, cynicism and impunity even in the face of Russian law - all derivatives of state-approved corruption come together in his figure," the OCCRP report says.The Center paid special attention…

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Killmilk ( aka #spilledmilk ) fails miserably in attempted DDoS on DOJ #overhishead

Hackers from the Russian Federation tried to carry out a DDoS attack on the US Treasury The US Treasury Department was recently targeted by a distributed DDoS attack by Killnet, a known pro-Russian threat actor. Reuters claims Killnet targeted the Treasury sometime between attacks on more than a dozen websites owned by US airports and banking giant JPMorgan Chase in early October 2022. However, DDoS attacks failed to disrupt airports, failed to disrupt JPMorgan Chase,…

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