Dear compatriots abroad, just as you showed the glory and zeal of Iranians to the world in the October 1st global demonstrations, regardless of any political orientation, one more thing is also very, very necessary to overthrow the Iran-Soz sect of Islamic dictatorship:

Repeated and nationwide email and letter writing in the language of your country of residence to parliamentarians, presidents, congressmen, senators, parties, city and district representatives and all elite people of your country of residence:

What to write in an email or letter and how?

1. Write in the language of your country of residence. Also, using the recipient’s native language has a greater psychological effect on him.

2. Your name and surname, state that you are Iranian, now you are a citizen of the host country, you pay taxes and vote!

3. For more emphasis, I say: write that you are a citizen and vote. They need your vote. They know that if you displease the Iranian population, to whom you send e-mails and letters, they will lose your vote. So they try to please you. Be sure. This fighting method has been tried in other countries and has worked.

4. In the limit of one paragraph, express your disgust with the Islamic Republic and ask that person to take a stand by mentioning a few cases of the regime’s crimes. Do not write more than one paragraph so that your letter or email does not become invalid.

5. Trouble them! Share with your friends. Tell all Iranians. Email regularly every day. Change one or two lines of the paragraph and send regularly. So much so that they get tired and you can be sure that it has a very high psychological effect.

6. The effect of these emails will be completed when you publish clear photos and videos of the regime’s crimes on your virtual pages. Post as many photos of the regime’s crimes as you can. The photos that have the most impact, such as the same film where the repressors beat the head of the Iranian girl to the ground, the shooting of the people of Zahedan, the shotguns on the bodies of the old farmers of Isfahan, the boys and girls killed with the caption of the reason Death, injured people and… clear photos and videos of the crimes of the regime and oppressors.

This work arouses public sentiments and the elite people of the society are requested from all sides and it is definitely very effective.

Spread this message as much as you can among Iranians abroad.

Payende Iran
The rising and shining wind of the lion flag and the ancient sun

Written by one of the compatriots with experience and struggle

By Treadstone 71

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