Recently, with your help, dear ones, we always identified and exposed Mohammad Ali Meysamy from the cyberban information institute affiliated to the Shahid Kaveh unit under the cyber corps.  After realizing this, the sewage rat changed his place of residence and moved with his family (his wife Vahideh and his little daughter Narges) from Tehran, Shahidan Blvd., Hashemzadeh Alley, dead end No. 4, Building 2, 2nd floor.  .
With your help, compatriots, we have always obtained the new address of Mohammad Ali Meysamy on the scene. His new address is: Moin Ustad, Najjarzadegan, Mir Asgari, Building 6, Unit 5.  We also sent a bouquet to his wife Vahideh at their new address, who unfortunately refused to receive this bouquet due to great anxiety.  We also had to leave the bouquet behind.  We gave this bastard of the army a week to resign, but unfortunately he does not listen and this dishonorable person is so willing to violate his family regime for the licking bowl.  We promise the oppressed nation of Iran that we will take peace from him until he resigns.
We did not allow the activists of the Cyber Corps to ban the treasury by cyber assassination, we did not allow them to tarnish the image of our country in the international community, we did not allow them to lead our country to more sanctions and a possible useless war.  Wherever they are, we go to them and prosecute them internationally with all the evidence.

The night is young for IRGC’s Cyberban News…
Here we are exposing one of the Cyberban News operatives, which is run by IRGC’s “Shahid Kaveh” cyber unit: Mohamad Ali Meysami.
This traitor is in charge of spreading the lies of the despicable regime on the Cyberban News website, which we just hacked. Does he have no shame?
This IRGC bastard is the son of Shaharam Meysami and was born in 03.04.1985.
His national code is 77659325, his email address is and his phone number is 989125492995.
This bastard lives in Tehran, Shahidan Boulevard, Hashemzade Street, 4th Street, Number 2, 2nd Floor. As you can see, our friends sent us pictures of his home.
Dear friends, we invite you all to ask this betrayer of the Iranian people about his actions, in the manner he deserves.

By Treadstone 71

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