The phenomenon of artificial literacy and the new pattern of ignorance must be acknowledged.

Every day, billions of articles are published in the virtual space and this bombardment of information has caused “all of us” to obtain information about “everything”, but with special features.

The famous Japanese journalist Karl Taro says: Whenever anyone talks about anything, we pretend to know about it. Our colleagues talk about movies, books, currency prices, healthcare, taxes, and we raise our heads, which means we also know about it.

This is if they have only read someone else’s comments on a social network about that topic and are retelling it the same way we do. We are getting dangerously close to copying data (since most of these posts are nothing but data points, many of which are false), which is actually the new paradigm of ignorance. We are facing artificial literacy within the vortex of Dunning-Kruger.

By Treadstone 71

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