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“In Russia I will become a hero, and abroad – a criminal.” Interview with the founder of the Killnet group

The founder of the hacker group Killnet told when human casualties will appear in cyber warfaredisinformation,

NOTE: Killnet has been around for years.

The confrontation between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian hackers in the so-called cyber war will sooner or later lead to human casualties. The founder and former leader of the Russian hacker group Killnet, Killmilk, spoke about this in an interview with Gazeta.Ru. Moreover, the hacker promised that he would become a pioneer in this matter. According to Killmilk, the group’s attack on the American weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin could take the lives of several dozen employees of this company.

– How long has Killnet been around?

– Killnet launched at the end of 2021. To be more precise, I count the history from 11/01/2021

– At the same time, your group came out of the shadows only this year. What motivated you to express yourself publicly?

– I would not say that we had a goal to declare ourselves. We love Russia and want to help her. The way we help attracts public attention as a background.

No one else in the Russian-speaking crowd [of hackers] wanted to have anything to do with SVO at the initial stage. Especially in a pro-Russian vein. When we laid down half of Europe, they paid attention to us. Therefore, being the first, we received the most glory. That’s all.

– What is the purpose of the representatives of the hacker community who come out into the light, communicating with the media and bloggers?

– Personally, as the leader of Killnet, I did not begin to give interviews to bloggers and the media in order to become a star. All this is done to attract other people to the pro-Russian cyber movement who are able to get their asses off the sofas and help us and Russia in the information war.

Imagine that you are an evil darknet coder who spent half of his life stealing crypto from hucksters. And then KillMilk appears, which creates Killnet, starts a movement and calls on evil coders to join him for the good of the motherland. Here you once again understand that you already have everything, you are bored and want to join the movement.

– And many were attracted?

“Large enough to hit the enemy.

“Are they all bored darknet coders?”

– All of them, first of all, for one reason or another, support Russia in the NWO.

– How many active members are there in the Killnet group now?

– Everyone is active: everyone in his own direction makes a feasible contribution, which brings us closer to our common victory over the enemy and the defense of the Motherland. All professionals in their field. We are like a bunch of arrows that cannot be broken, and this is what our enemies fear.

– Is it possible to convert PR into money?

– My actions and the actions of my team are converted only into the patriotic mood of the Russian people.

We gave a fitting response to Ukrainian and pro-Western forces. In Europe, the word Killnet makes people uncomfortable. All the world’s media wrote about us. That’s what’s important.

We are from Russia, and we are for Russia. We don’t make money from war. Only if the European Union does not give them to us with the help of a cryptolock [encryptor virus – approx. ed.].

I know there are those who think otherwise. But I don’t care what they think.

– Are you talking about being suspected of being connected with the Russian law enforcement agencies?

– Well, at least about this. I spoke about this before and I will say it again: there are no such ties, just as there are no people in uniform in our ranks.

– After February 24, hackers from different countries united against Russia under the flag of Ukraine. What about Killnet, are there any foreigners in your ranks?

– I did not conduct DNA tests, but, as far as I know, only Russians are in our ranks.

Of the foreign groups that are pro-Russian in the cyber war, I respect only the hackers RaHDIt ed.]. The rest, in my opinion, work, to put it mildly, not at full capacity.

– Recently it became known that some ransomware operators joined Killnet. Can you tell us what kind of groups they are and on what conditions they united with you?

– No comment.

“But the new leader of Killnet, BlackSide, is a ransomware operator, isn’t it?

– Yes, but the partnership you ask about is not only about him.

– Do you think that Ukrainian, European and Western intelligence services help pro-Ukrainian hackers?

– Of course.

I am 100% sure that Western countries are behind the creation and mobilization of Ukrainian hacktivists.

– Why are you so sure of this? After all, even before the special operation, Ukraine was famous for, let’s say, an outstanding cybercriminal community.

– Ukrainian cyberfighters objectively do not represent anything serious, but at the same time they are heavily advertised. I am sure that this is done in the interests of the Western regime by the forces of the same West.

– After the start of the special operation, did the Russian security forces become more condescending towards hackers operating on the territory of the Russian Federation?

– I think so. At the very least, reports of arrests have stopped appearing. Maybe they just don’t have time to catch or recruit us.

But for sure I can only speak for Killnet. At the moment we are in the territory of the Russian Federation and we feel great. There is no sense of threat or persecution.

On the other hand, in theory, it shouldn’t exist. We are not scammers. And if they ever sinned with scam [fraud], then not on the territory of Russia. But even then, to clear my karma, I transferred half of what I received in the USA to the accounts of Russian orphanages.

It seems to me that we should not forget that there are people around you who need help, if there is such an opportunity. If this is not done, the karma will “overflow”, and something will happen to you.

– I asked about this because after the arrest of Revil at the end of 2021, there was a series of high-profile cases against other hackers. It seemed that in the Russian Federation they firmly took up the hacker community. Now it seems that the security forces have forgotten about the hackers.

– First of all, Revil is not in prison! Secondly, I think I have already answered this question above.

– About Revil is this some kind of joke in the spirit of “Tsoi is alive”? If Revil is not in prison, then whose detention was shown to us at the end of last year?

– It is better to forward this question to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

– The actions of hackers on both sides in the framework of the cyber war still look like unpleasant sabotage: they broke something here, they broke something there … Do you think that the confrontation between the parties in the digital space will come to human casualties?

– Yes. And I will be a pioneer.

In Russia, I will become a hero, and abroad, a criminal. Soon, me and KillNet will launch powerful attacks on European and American enterprises, which will indirectly lead to casualties. I will do my best to make these regions and countries answer for each of our soldiers.

– Unknown from Revil in an interview said that they even have access to military facilities in some countries. Do you think it was a farce or does Revil really have access?

– I think that Revil was not joking. It is possible, of course, that they exaggerated their capabilities, but they hardly did it without any reason.

What about other hackers? After all, you recently announced an attack on Lockheed Martin Corporation in the EU. Can you reveal any details about this project?

“Look, I can’t talk about this attack. I can only say that the consequences will be devastating for some of the company’s branches. However, I’m not sure that the Western media will spread a lot about this. We can talk about this, if only because the attack has already begun, and there is almost no news in English about it.

– When making such announcements, are you not afraid that the target organization will mobilize information security specialists and nullify your efforts?

– Come on…

All our enemies can do is confess their love to us. I have been waiting for at least some consequences for Killnet for half a year and so far nothing has come.

“Hacker groups like Killnet have nominally become a military force. However, unlike soldiers, hackers are not led by generals. Based on this, you are not afraid only to aggravate the situation? Are you afraid of accidentally starting a nuclear war?

– Of course, we are crazy guys, but we see the boundaries and are not going to cross them. I don’t think that because of several dozen human casualties, nuclear missiles will fly in the face of Lockheed Martin employees.

“At least one victim already?”

– No comment.

Why did you leave Killnet?

“What I plan to do soon, take the same attack on Lockheed Martin, puts the rest of the group at great risk. I want to somehow deflect potential return fire from the guys.

– But at the same time you are calling for other hackers to attack. Is there a contradiction in this?

– It’s one thing when people go by themselves. Another is when they are nominally subject to someone else’s will. Only those who have nothing to lose join me now.

Recently, one “old man” from the darknet came to me and said: “I have nothing to lose – everything I could, I have already lost.” I think there is a terrible force in the energy of such despair that will help me.

“Why did you, and not BlackSide, volunteer to be interviewed when I asked for an audience with Killnet?”

– Because I stood at the origins of this community of Russian hacktivists who stood up for the Motherland when it called us. And for now, only I can answer some questions.

– What will you and Killnet do when the CBO ends and the passions subside?

We will drink. Then we’ll wake up and drink again. And so on until we forget all the horrors that have been created in the name of Russia.

What else would you like to tell readers?

– I want to say only one thing: let everyone remember forever that we will protect Russians around the world by any means! We will defend our Motherland! We are Killnet

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