San Luis Ray – Emergency Response Plan – Utica College Master’s in CyberSecurity

San Luis Rey

San Luis Rey (SLR) is a growing community that is home to over one million people.  Founded in 1706,


the city has a long history and multiple districts.  San Luis Rey has a thriving tourism industry, strong agricultural industry, state of the art telecommunication centers and major conference centers.  The city covers over 200 square miles and servers as a major rail and road hub for the states of Hamilton and Franklin.

Emergency Operations Plan


This document addresses a small subset of potential issues SLR may face, with a focus on terrorism related incidents. It is not intended to be comprehensive and excludes natural disasters.  However, emergency contact information for government assistance agencies may be valuable in any major incident and many of the situation and response plans addressed can be modified to adapt to other scenarios.

A Mayor and an elected council govern the City of San Luis Rey.  The Mayor nominates a City Manager, Chief of Police, and Chief of Public safety. The council must confirm the appointees by majority vote. There are eight consulates serving diverse regions.

First Responders

San Luis Rey is broken into four police districts. Within each district, there are multiple fire departments and emergency medical units.  The San Luis Rey county’s Emergency Operation Centers is located near Union Station.

External Agencies

For emergencies with widespread casualties or damages, it may be necessary to engage additional resources for support.  Examples of these agencies are the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Red Cross.


The EOP aims to address emergency operations in the Operational Area or Hot zone, which is a perimeter of interest around

an incident. The size of the perimeter may vary depending on the incident type and should be left to the best judgment of responding agencies at the scene. The plan addresses potential scenarios and operations procedures and makes recommendations for policies and actions necessary for short and long term recovery.

Risk Identification


The EOP makes some important assumptions, but it is impossible to predict all factors that may be in play at the time of a disaster. Therefore, readers should be familiar with the assumptions and make reasonable corrections to the plan as indicated by the situation.

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